Our location in the wildlife rich region of KwaZulu-Natal means that we are frequent spectators to an array of African wildlife. One particular group of visitors that often call on us here at The Oyster Box is the South African vervet monkeys, who often leave many stories to remark. Whilst their cheeky and charming nature can inspire excitement among our guests, there are some things to remain aware of when liaising with these furry friends.

Monkey in tree

They are a part of our natural environment

At The Oyster Box, we are committed to ensuring that we work with the local environment, not against it. It is for this reason that we make every effort to divert the monkeys from our guests, rather than remove them. To do so would interfere with the region’s natural eco-system and could possibly cause harm to the monkeys. Instead, we seek to welcome them on our grounds whilst ensuring that our guests are aware of how to coexist in perfect harmony alongside them. The following steps, as well as the helpful guidance offered by our team enables just that.

vervet monkeys faces

Do not feed the monkeys

Although friendly in appearance, vervet monkeys are wild animals whose roaming here at The Oyster Box denotes their freedom, rather than domesticity. Feeding the monkeys could cause them to continue to return and become reliant on our food, disrupting the eco-system in which we live.

Vervet monkeys will however try to steal food left on display, whether in rooms or in gardens. It is therefore important that you try not to leave any food around for their nimble figures to swipe. When keeping food in your rooms or suites here at The Oyster Box, try not to leave it on display or on top of tables or counters. Instead, keep it in a concealed place and when you are not in the room, make sure that your doors and windows are properly closed. This includes at night – after all, a midnight visit from a monkey is unlikely to be on your holiday bucket list.

Do not pet the monkeys

It is important not to pet the monkeys or to get too close; they may view this as a threat or an attack. This is particularly the case if they have infants on them or close by. If you are visiting us with children, try to ensure that an adult is always present to prevent them from trying to play with (or feed) the animals. If a vervet does appear concerned, simply move out of its away and allow it to escape. Vervets are not dangerous and do not bite unless directly threatened. It is therefore merely important that we respect their presence within our exceptional location as much as they do ours.

vervet monkey

Keep your distance when possible

Overall, friendly interactions with the monkeys may occur as they traverse the grounds in which we sit, and their presence is often warmly received by guests thanks to the authentic experience that it brings. By remaining considerate of the monkeys’ presence and avoiding leaving any food or drink unattended, your time around them can be entirely delightful and humorous. Should you wish to learn more of the monkeys’ presence here at The Oyster Box, our team are always on hand to offer the advice or information you desire.