The world of The Oyster Box

Pool 12 at the Oyster Box Hotel

08 Feb 2024 Make Travel Matter

The Oyster Box's Sustainability Initiatives

Find out more about our environmentally conscious activities at The Oyster Box, committed to providing a greener future.

09 Oct 2023 Delicious dining

Curry masterclass: Bengali prawn curry

A creamy and flavourful curry to make at home, served in our Curry Room.

21 Sept 2023 South Africa

The history of braai in South Africa

Delve into the rich history of this beloved South African tradition.

18 Aug 2022 Make Travel Matter

Introducing the monkeys of The Oyster Box

Learn about the monkeys that continue to visit us at The Oyster Box and the delightful, authentic experiences that they can bring to your trip.

04 Aug 2022 Make Travel Matter

Recent sustainable initiatives at The Oyster Box

Explore how The Oyster Box Hotel has been excelling in driving positive change for people and planet.

26 Jul 2022 Red Carnation Family

Hidden Heroes: Anton Mkhungo, The Oyster Box

Meet Anton Mkhungo, the pilot of our new Hidden Heroes campaign at Red Carnation Hotels

27 Apr 2021 Red Carnation Family

Meet our new General Manager

We are delighted to introduce Roberto Rosa to lead our passionate team at The Oyster Box.

Bouchard Finlayson Farm

02 Mar 2021 Delicious dining

An essential guide to South African wine

We take a closer look at what makes South African wine so special.

Sundowner Setup

17 Feb 2021 Delicious dining

The sundowner

Our South African properties enjoy a sundowner of an evening, but where do its origins lie?


10 Feb 2021 Red Carnation Family

A day in the life of Skabenga, The Oyster Box cat

Meet our longest-standing resident, Skabenga, a characterful cat that has won the hearts of both our team and guests.

Oyster Box Curry

07 Feb 2021 Delicious dining

Our signature tamarind lentils

A curry masterclass from our Executive Chef - learn how to make tamarind lentils at home.

21 Jan 2021 Delicious dining

The Oyster Box's perfect Durban lamb curry

Discover our Executive Chef's signature lamb curry recipe to try for yourself at home.

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