With a name that means ‘vagabond’ or ‘hooligan’ in Zulu, Skabenga, is The Oyster Box’s longest-standing resident. This characterful cat first arrived at the property as a stray many years ago, and has since won the hearts of both the hotel staff and many guests. Typically found snoozing in the hotel lobby, Skabenga likes to think he helps make sure that guests have everything they need for an exceptional stay and, a keen connoisseur of the hotel’s cuisine, can be relied upon to ensure that the food served is of the highest standard. Here, Skabenga shares what a typical day at The Oyster Box is like for him.


I arrive back home after a night of roaming around the local neighbourhood.

After a very quick bath, I take up my customary position on the sumptuously comfortable couch in the lobby.


I wander outside so I can watch the Mongoose that run around the property looking for tasty insect treats – yuck! Not for me! By now, my slaves (otherwise known as hotel staff) are arriving for the day. I take great care to ensure that I wind myself between their legs before they have time to put their bags down. This is a gentle reminder that I am hungry!! I look forward to eating the hotel’s delicious Prawn Cocktail for breakfast.


After my hearty breakfast, I reassume my position on the couch in the lobby to digest my meal.


I commence my first patrol of the day, a 20-metre dash to the hotel shop for a snooze on my blanket located under the cashmere scarves and pashminas display.

12 noon

It’s lunchtime! I make my way back to the office for lunch. Chef normally brings my freshly prepared kingklip through at around this time, but I need to ensure that I swipe at his ankles as he walks past to remind him that I am exceptionally hungry!!

Lounging in the afternoon sun is my favourite pastime. My preferred lounging spot is a very expensive, luxury cars, such as a Maserati, Ferrari or Rolls Royce and I am particularly partial to the soft top as it is the best place to relax, I fall asleep on the roof and leave my fur as a gift for the owner.


Check-in time at The Oyster Box.  I make sure I am well placed at the Concierge desk to showcase myself to the guests checking in and I allow them to pet me briefly. I also keep an eye out for any pooches checking-in so that they can see me and know that I am the boss around here.


Time for High Tea! I always enjoy a saucer of milk mid-afternoon. I tend to get a little tetchy around this time because lots of people tell me I am eating too much, but as I keep on trying to explain – I have a lot of fur and big bones… Why will no one believe me?!


I'm back at the office again as it’s time for my daily check-up by the Reservations staff and also my daily fix of Catnip. I prefer to enjoy this on the busy staff members desks so that I can roll around in it and they can watch me. It is one of my best party routines. I’m not afraid to meow at my staff if I feel that they are working too hard and not paying me enough attention.


I wander out to the front of the hotel for a snooze on one of the loungers. It’s important for me to get my beauty sleep in as it’s almost night time and I need to keep my strength up so a cat nap is a perfect way to do this.


And so the Party begins...